FeatureToggle Documentation


FeatureToggle is customisable and extensible in a number of ways.

Creating Your Own Custom Toggles

Just implement IFeatureToggle and provide an implementation for FeatureEnabled - easy :)

Then just use this as a base class or as a toggle itself.

Creating Your Own Providers

When using the built-in Toggle types, they default to getting their values from some configuration.

You can create your own provider and use it with the built-in Toggles.

For the SimpleFeatureToggle and SqlFeatureToggle, create a class that implements IBooleanToggleValueProvider and after you instantiate your Toggle set its BooleanToggleValueProvider property to an instance of your custom provider.

Alternatively, when you create your Toggle class and derive it from one of the base classes, override the ToggleValueProvider property to return an instance of your custom provider.

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